( 17 Nov. 2017)

Colloquium Closes Activities
The colloquium held on November 13, at the Casa Viana Convention Center, which was attended by companies and invited guests, was presided over by the Secretary of State for Industry, Ivan Magalhães do Prado, on behalf of Her Excellency Minister of Industry, Eng. Bernarda Martins. It was the closing meeting of the activities alluding to the 19th anniversary of the Viana Industrial Development Zone.

Follow in full the speech of His Excellency the Secretary of State for Industry: Follow in full an intervention of Engº Luís Ribeiro, the CEO:
Audio-visual production by: EDUCASAT
Audio-visual production by: EDUCASAT

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 Creation of Work Groups

Following up on the intentions and resolutions resulting from the meeting of November 13, the Board of Directors intends to create work groups with the participation of the companies of the Zone, interested to contribute to the improvement of the conditions and institutional strengthening of the Viana Zone, namely:

1 - Group oriented to the study of forms of financing of the Zone and installed companies.
2 - Group oriented to study forms of contribution to the costs of maintenance of infrastructures.
3 - Group oriented to the process of densification of production chains.
4 - Group oriented to study solutions for security in the Zone.
5 - Group oriented to the promotion of sport.
6 - Group oriented to the afforestation of the Zone.

Therefore, the Board of Directors is conducting a consultation with the companies, with the purpose of forming the groups described above. 

Colloquium reflected on infraestructures, management model, balance of industries and production chains

Colloquium participants' family photo

Minister of Industry Heads Extended Board of Directors

The Minister of industry, Bernarda Gonçalves Martins, headed, on 18 October, the 1st Extended Board of Directors of the Institution, where she described the main strategic lines of the sector. According to the minister, in this new governance cycle the Ministry will improve the industry observatory, in order to ensure the regular collection of statistical data.

Among other priorities, she also highlighted the need to disseminate information on production, import, export and other relevant issues in the sector through the synthesis of the analysis of the national industry.

She stressed that bases have been laid for new programs to be implemented, such as "Consolidate" and "Start", as well as for the creation of the fund for the facilitation of industrial development and for the consolidation of productive chains.

She highlighted the increasing computerization of the Ministry of Industry, with the integrated information system being in operation, through the survey of monthly industrial production, as well as the implementation of the Angola Industry Census.

On the other hand, in addition to the installation of new plants in the country, Bernarda Martins reported that the Ministry will pay particular attention to the food and construction material sectors, without neglecting the others.



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